Palestine Herald-Press: ‘Hoosiers’ writer plans Iowa girls’ basketball movie

Amid the Iowa patchwork of cornfields that roll into horizons and barns adorned with painted quilts, there’s talk of making a Hollywood movie about a 1950s high school basketball championship.

Last weekend, the chatter rekindled memories as members of the 1956 state champion girls team met in tiny Maynard with the Iowa-born author of a book about their season and with the Indiana-based screenwriter who is working on a screenplay.

“Everybody’s really excited about it for a small town,” said Justin Walton, who lives near the 500-resident Maynard. “It’s great. You can see the smiles on the faces, you can see the people lapping it up. It’s bringing back the great glory days.”

In 1956, the Maynard Blue Devils girls team won the state title under a single-class system. The leading scorer, the late Carolyn Nicholson Borland, was the mother of Brian J. Borland, author of “Maynard 8 Miles.” His family farm was eight miles from the Maynard school in northeastern Iowa.

Borland, now 54, didn’t know of his mother’s fame until 2006 when he overheard his parents talk about a 50-year reunion of the team.

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