borland-small Brian J. Borland was inspired to write this story after visiting his family’s ancestral home of Maynard, Iowa while attending his Grandmother Ruth’s funeral in 2004. He realized that he might never visit that place, which had been such a vital part of his childhood, again.

In the process of writing his family’s story, Brian uncovered the fascinating past of his parents – two incredible athletes with amazing accomplishments. Brian discovered that his mother Carolyn, completely unbeknownst to him, changed the face of girls’ basketball in Iowa forever with her quick first step, dead-eye shot and fiery personality.

As his mother fell ill in 2009, Brian’s urgency to continue his work increased. He visited the scenes of many of his parents’ triumphs and heard their stories – many of which are shared in the book Maynard 8 Miles. Carolyn passed away before the publication of this book but the experience of learning her story has helped her live more vividly in his memory.

Brian resides in Madison, Wisc., with his wife Char and three children: Brianna, Alex and Brooke.

Brian is a first-time author, an IT entrepreneur and a former collegiate athlete with a passion for family, teaching and coaching. He received his BA from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, where he also played Division III NCAA baseball.

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