The Gazette – Heavy hitters involved in potential “Maynard 8 Miles” movie

It’s a sports story. It’s a love story. And it appears to be going to film.

Angelo Pizzo, the screenwriter for movies such as “Hoosiers” and “Rudy,” has signed on to write a movie script based on “Maynard 8 Miles,” a book written by Brian Borland about Iowa six-player girls’ basketball in the 1950s.

The book is based on the career of Borland’s mother, Carolyn Nicholson Borland, a six-on-six forward who led Maynard High School to the state championship in 1956.

“When I met with (Pizzo), I thought maybe he would spend five minutes with me,” said Borland, who lives in Verona, Wis. “But we really connected, and our first meeting lasted six hours.”

Now 53, Borland didn’t know his mother played basketball until he was in his 40s.

“Everybody knew who my dad (Glenn Borland) was, but mom never talked about her (high school) career,” Borland said.

Glenn Borland played basketball at Oelwein High School — 8 miles away from Maynard — and graduated there in 1954 before becoming a starter and captain for the Wisconsin Badgers.



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